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Student Removals – Getting Yourself Moved Happily And Safely

Moving as a student can often be your first foray in to moving on your own. You will likely have a lot less stuff than in a full scale move, especially as a first time student, but it is nonetheless a bit of an excursion! With regards to getting the job done efficiently, it is a good way to prepare yourself for later removals, as often the trip will be a scaled down model of a larger removal. Given that you will not have that much stuff, there is likely very little need for a removals company, and you may well be able to pack everything in to the back of a parent of friend’s car, which makes things a lot cheaper over all! Whatever the case, there are a few tricks and tips that may see you off in a more comfortable way. For a start, you need to get your transport sorted.

Help out with heavy items

Depending on how far you have to travel, there are plenty of options, and it is unlikely that you will be taking your own furniture if you are moving far away, so the options of man and van services or renting a van yourself may well be open to you. Renting the van yourself is always going to be far and away the cheapest option, but you will have the added issue of needing to find extra hands to help out with heavy items, as well as needing to drive yourself. Remember that a rented van will need to be dropped off afterwards, so be sure to find a service that can rent you a vehicle that does not need to be dropped off back at the same facility, as that may undo all your driving in the first place!Packing the van needs to be carefully done, as you don’t want to open up the doors at the other end to find a load of broken belongings! Remember to keep the loading low and flat, as this will prevent things toppling over.

Removals Tips

Use weighty objects to trap larger ones in place, and utilize the sides of the van a supports. Avoid stacking boxes too high, or you may well find that the top ones have fallen off when you get there! Whilst driving, listen carefully to the back, and if you hear things moving around, stop to work out what it is and to ensure that it is safely protected. Use blankets and slips of card with tape to protect things from rubbing up against each other and getting broken or marked, you will need things to be in contact with each other to prevent everything from moving around, but this should not be a cause of further issues!The main thing is to remain calm and stress free at all times. Whilst you don’t need to plan a student removal in the same way that you do a domestic removal or an office move, it is essential that you do give it some serious thought earlier on, so that you are not at risk of messing things up and needing to spend cash on sorting them out in the long run!

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