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With so many house removals services available in UK how do you settle for the one that is best? Before selecting your house removal service provider, ask yourself a few questions.

Do they have branches across UK and Europe?
Do they have international branches?
Do they have any branch where I am shifting to?
What are their overall pricing for house removal services?
What if there is any breakage during transit. Will they provide me insurance coverage for my valuables?

Do they charge me for the insurance or they provide that as an added bonus?

What if I need a few days before moving into my new home? Do they offer storage at the destination? If yes then at what price?

Who will I be speaking to after my household items are packed and on transit?

How will they ship my articles – By road, or ship or air?

Will they provide me with all the necessary documentations for the shipment (in case this is an international shipment of my articles)?

What if something goes wrong in international shipping, when the goods are in transit?

Do I have to be present when the articles are to be picked up? What will be my role then?

What is the usual transit time for my articles to arrive?

Will they provide me with checklist for packing and for intimating my removal service providers before moving?

How many years of experience do they have in this trade?

Take care of your storage needs

But packing is just one part of a home or office removal. In many cases, furniture must be dismantled so that it can be removed safely through narrow doorways and down flights of stairs. Often, a storage unit will come in handy, especially if the sale of one home and the closing of the new place don’t coincide as precisely as we would like. Storage is also useful if you are doing any remodeling or painting. Imagine how much easier it will be for the contractors (or you) to work if there are no boxes to trip over or furniture to protect. We can take care of your storage needs just as we can take care of your transport needs. Our vehicles are fully equipped for any type of move and we offer insurance as well. You could take advantage of our man and van service West London.

To find out more about our great West London moving rates, simply call us. You can send an email enquiry, if you prefer. You will find that our administrators are just as polite and helpful as our movers, willing to answer any of your questions and work with you to find the right combination of services. If you’ve had a bad experience with a moving company in the past, one that doesn’t return your emails or phone calls and provides more questions than answers, then it’s time you ring London Removals to see the difference we can make to your move.

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Save your Money


If you feel that your selected London removals company has a resounding POSITIVE answer to all of the above listed then you have taken the right decision. Even if your service provider does not have a yes or a positive answer to all of the above; but has covered all the ones that matter to you; even then it is a right decision. It is important to note that being known in the trade helps the safety and the timely delivery of your household items. It is all but important that they also provide insurance; and some companies offer that as an added bonus without charging an extra amount for it. If they do provide insurance as a bonus, take it, it is only going to save you some money.

Having a branch at the destination helps you immensely as it mean if something goes wrong ,you will have a physical address to pursue your matter. This is extremely important in the case of international shipments of your household articles. Although it is unlikely that a removal service will have branches across the globe, some a large number of removal companies concentrate only on the big cities and cover the remaining areas from those main locations only. If that is the case, then find out which branch services your area. A toll free number is always important as also the invoice number which will be given to you by the driver of the vehicle when your articles are loaded on to the vehicle. This invoice number will also work as your tracking should there be are any problems en route.

Selecting a house removals service only on the basis of price is not advisable

 There are a few companies which are running their businesses for decades, select one which is most reputable. If a company is offering you a price which is too good to be true, the chances are that it is so. Select a company that stands for quality and not for price.