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If you are planning a move to postcode RM14, in the Romford postcode district of greater London, and you need furniture storage facilities, quick, call London Removals today to see how we can help!.  We are an affordable and convenient furniture storage facility that can store your big furniture if you are planning a move, and need to make space in the house before the moving day. We offer a range of storage sizes so you don’t pay for extra space that won’t be used. We can package and wrap your furniture to ensure that they won’t get damaged, although our facilities are safely equipped so that your furniture is safe from any damage due to humidity changes, weather problems or over crowding of the storage facility. We understand that leather and wood furniture is very sensitive to temperature and environmental changes, and we can assure that your belongings will be safe and undamaged.

We have a variety of services, perhaps you need a moving van or assistance with larger items. We can accommodate your needs. So look no further and call us today!.

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     The RM14 postcode is within the postcode area of Romford and the post town of Upminster which is part of the London Borough of Havering. The postcode covers the towns of Upminster, Cranham, North Ockendon and Bulphan. The population of Upminster and Cranham is a total of approximately 25,500 people, with both districts equally large in size. Upminster and Cranham are both served on the district line within the London Underground station which connects this outlying borough to greater London. Cranham and Upminster are both residential suburbs, located north east of London, approximately 17 miles north east of Charing Cross Station. The geography of the area has fertile soil and clay in the ground, making the earth fertile and suitable for agriculture, which was a main source of prosperity for the area in the early 13th century. In addition, it is close to the River Thames, which also allowed the development of strong communication and transport links.    Upminster is known for its windmill, which in addition to the fertile soil, the windmill provided a large source of prosperity to the region in the early 1500’s. There were many railways built during the 19th century, in addition, which helped to connect the region, thus, increasing its population and popularity amongst London workers who are looking for more affordable residential areas, yet still in proximity to the city.

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 Cranham is a residential suburb surrounded by dense conservation area. It is characterized by agricultural economy and recently became a housing development. It was settled early in the 11th century as it was written in the Doomsday Book of 1086. Its population is approximately 12,000 people and it is well connected to London and beyond via motorway and underground, as Cranham is on the district line. North Ockendon has a population of less than 300 people and it is a highly rural area. Bulphan is one of the smaller villages in the postcode with a population of less than 1000 people. It is fairly isolated and rural and is connected through only three bus routes into Upminster and beyond.

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If you are looking for storage facility solutions in RM14, call us today.  We have a range of options for size of storage facilities to best accommodate your needs. We have a professional and trained staff who can assist the transportation of your furniture. Call London Removals today to see how we can assist in your furniture storage needs. All you need to do is to book parking space for our vehicles.