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International Moving Services in London

   Not only international removals of your household items are a hassle, it is a big deal indeed. We are talking about packing hundreds of  household items, storing them in boxes, transporting them to the airport or a shipping port, preparing all the documents, fulfilling all the customs formalities, at the origin and also upon arrival at the destination and taking care of any issues that may happen during the shipment. Because of these hassles, international removals of your household items are best taken care off by a professional company like London Removals.

Why international shipments are a hassle?

There are a thousand different things that can go wrong during international removals plus there are various formalities that are to be fulfilled before you can get your household items delivered to your new home. International removals are subject to customs inspections and declaration forms, which allow them to be considered as such and given preferential treatments while other items are charged duties. It is required that you declare the goods you are shipping in a separate declaration form and ensure that the goods does not contain any materials which are prohibited by the customs rules of the country where you are shipping these goods to. Items like fur and other substances which are made from animal skins, animals live or dead and stuffed which may be in the endangered species, any explosives like fire crackers or other toxic items are mostly banned from being imported in most countries. Some countries even disallow importing of guns and other fire arms which are licensed. Like in the UK if you are trying to move in a handgun other than a .22 caliber pistol, you will be prohibited from doing so. Similarly if you have pets and wish to ship it to your new home, in the other country, special documentations are required. Some countries disallow importing food items like meat, poultry, fish and other packaged or non packaged items.

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How does London Removals help with my international removals of household items?

London Removals is a professional removal company and have been in the business of international removals of household items for several years now. We are experienced in the international removal business and understand how to satisfy all formalities. We will ensure that your household goods will arrive just the way they were when they left your old home.

How are my items shipped?

     Depending upon your preference and our suitability, we can ship your items either by ship or by air. When moving to Europe, we also provide shipping options by road. Normally when moving by ship, your items are packed in large containers which come in sizes of 20 ft, 40ft and 45 ft. the internal height is about 8 ft which allows the shipment of even the tallest of household items. These containers are water resistant and are loaded and transferred using specially designed cargo ships which transfers huge amounts of these items across various destinations in the world.

    If speed is a factor and you are not concerned with the price, air freight is better compared to sea freight. When shipping by air, we pack the items in special boxes also known as igloos as per the airline specifications and the containers are loaded on to the cargo hold of commercial airliners. These containers are insulated and are air tight. Air freight is better for destinations which are otherwise far away from a shipping port and has to be reached by road transport eventually.  Your items are packed in the same tough export quality packing and they are shipped by trucks. If your items are many we can provide exclusive service else part container loads are provided as per available rates.