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Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly – Removals Tips

How To Easily And Quickly Disassemble Your FurnitureIf you’re moving into a new home then you might have some concerns about how you’ll manage to move your furniture. If you have large pieces of furniture in your home and you’re worried about how to lift them, how to get them through your front door, or even how to get them loaded safely into your removal vehicle then this is the guide for you!

1) Make sure that you have all the tools that you’re going to need

If you want to disassemble your furniture then you’re going to need the necessary tools for the job! You’re going to need a set of wrenches and a set of screwdrivers at the very least. You can double-check what you’re going to need by looking at your furniture to see how it will disassemble and what tools you might need for the job.

2) Take measurements.Next you need to measure all of your large pieces of furniture.

Although your wardrobe might look too big to fit through your front door, it might be fine if it’s tilted and manoeuvred correctly. Measure all of the doors that your furniture will need to pass through and measure the furniture itself to see if it actually needs to be disassembled. You might find that you’ve saved yourself a job by doing this.

3) Check that your furniture can be disassembled

Once you have a list of furniture items that need to be disassembled, you need to double-check to see if they can be. Although most furniture can be taken apart and rebuilt, old-fashioned or antique pieces are going to be made of solid wood, and it won’t be possible to disassemble them. Find all of the joints of your furniture and check that they can be taken apart

4) Make sure that you have the help that you need

It’s not easy to disassemble furniture, especially if you have a lot of it or if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing! If this sounds like you then you have a couple of available options. Firstly you can ask for the help of family or friends. This is a great way to get the help you need without spending any money, but be aware that, unless your friends are professional handymen or experienced movers, you might still be at risk of damaging your furniture! If you want to hire professional teams for the job then speak to local handymen and movers in your area to see what services they can offer you.

5) Don’t lose any screws, bolts or nails!

Once you’ve taken the furniture apart it’s important that you don’t lose any of the screws, bolts or nails! This can cause many problems, as it can be difficult to find replacements of exactly the right size. Try using a small re-sealable bag. Fill it with the nails or screws, seal it and tape it to the piece of furniture that they’ve come from. This is a great way to ensure that nothing disappears during your house move! If you’re worried about damaging the surfaces of your furniture then try sticking the bag to an unseen area, such as the underside of your table or the bottom of your wardrobe.

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