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Estimating Removals Costs

Your biggest worry when arranging for a removal company is definitely about how much it is going to cost you. Moving house is mostly a job tailored for each client, so there is no way of predicting how much it will cost without knowing the specifics yourself. Besides the volume of stuff you are moving, the company will charge you based on where you are going, when you need to move, customs fees, storage costs etc. The best way to judge which company gives you the best deal is to submit gather and compare quotes from several companies. However, don’t just judge based on quotes; do your research on the removal companies before you decide on using any one. If you should find yourself incapable of making an informed decision, hire a solicitor to arrange the right removal service for you. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind when comparing quotes. 1. Cheap is not always a good deal As inviting as a cheap removals quote can be, know that the chances are that the people who are providing the service are going to be cutting back on the quality of materials, transport and labour used in order to be able to offer such low prices. Some unregulated companies will first offer a low quote and then increase it nearer to the moving date, making it difficult for you to find a replacement.

Another thing that people do in order to reduce the cost of moving is to do it themselves.

1. Packing Materials

Although packing yourself might be okay for short moves, in other instances, such as a long distance transit and for expensive and fragile items, it might be a good idea to get the help of professional movers. Trying to organize a move without a moving van means that you might have to make several trips back and forth in your car, and even then you might have difficulty in transporting bulky furniture without damage. Unless you are an experienced DIY mover, moving yourself will cost you more time, money and energy and you might even hurt yourself in the process. Sometimes, it is just worth paying that little bit extra to get your work done efficiently and fast without any stress.

2. Get a written quotation based on survey

Unless you get everything down in writing as soon as you have arranged the specifics with the moving company’s representative, you are leaving yourself open to manipulation and nasty surprises in the bill you get in the end. Some removal companies will give you an estimate based on previous moves or simple guesswork online. Not only does that make for a questionable financial commitment, but they might also send you vehicles with less amount of space than you would need. It is best to ask for companies that come down to your house to assess the property and then give you a more educated estimate based on your particular needs. Getting a confirmed quote ahead of time helps you arrange your personal finances better.

3. Keep a buffer amount

There might be unexpected delays, fines or parking fees that the company might encounter which might mean that you will have to pay a bit more than you estimated. Keep a contingency fund for such unavoidable hidden costs.

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