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The best way to find a moving company is by word of mouth. If you know someone who was happy with the services received relative to the money paid, then you can take that as an endorsement of the way the company does business. But if you hear only bad things about a moving company from your friends and neighbours, then you’ll know to steer clear. You won’t hear those things about us, however, as we put a lot of effort into providing great removals along with great customer service. The importance of customer service should not be underestimated. A moving company can have plenty of strong movers on staff, but without the proper administrators and customer service representatives, things can go wrong at every turn.

Our aim is to provide the removal that each of our customers wants. So you won’t have to repeat yourself to the movers who arrive at your door because information wasn’t passed along or was miscommunicated. The secret to a successful removal is a solid moving plan. Without one, things take longer, things get misplaced, and people end up unhappy. Start your moving plan today by taking a look at our helpful removal checklist. It will help you to begin thinking of what you need to do so you don’t end up swamped by tasks at the last minute while trying to pack or clean. Our friendly moving advisers can help, too, by describing each of our removal services and helping you choose the ones that are right for your situation.

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   For home removals (house or flat), office removals North London, or storage removals, we have a solution to fit your budget and your furniture. Whether you have a lot or a little, finding a North London moving company shouldn’t be as hard as the move itself. In fact, it should be easy, and it is!. Just give us a ring , or send us an email at your convenience. You can get a free quote right away or calculate one yourself on this very website. Congratulations on your move, now let’s make it a great one together!.

   North London is defined by the London Plan as containting the boroughs of Haringey, Enfield and Barnet. It is home, of course, to many of the N postcode districts. There are parts of each borough covered by other postcode districts, of course, but North London is generally considered to extend from just past Islington near the city centre to Greater London’s northern boundary at the edge of the N14 and N21 postcode districts. Much of the area is developed for residential use, unlike West London, which is home to a lot of commercial enterprises and large business headquarters.

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Prior to 2011, North London was classified as the London Boroughs of Barnet, Enfield, Camden, Haringey, Hackney, Westminster and Islington. This much larger version of North London was home to 1.7 million people and nearly as many jobs. Today it is a smaller place, however, as a Central London sub region has been reintroduced to the London Plan. As in many other cities around the world, the closer a residence is to the centre, the higher the price. You probably already know this from your experience with estate agents or simple housing searches online. But North London is a bit of an exception, as many of the outer neighbourhoods are quite pricey as well. This is because it is a fantastic suburban place to raise a family near London, but far enough away to have some peace and quiet as well.

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The neighbourhoods in the N11 and N13 postcode districts are where you’ll find the most affordable places to live, while Edmonton and Tottenham are also good places to look for budget residences. But if it’s entertainment you’re seeking, North London has plenty. The Royal Air Force Museum will delight visitors big and small, while Alexandra Palace and Park provides the best views of the city. North London is home to the Arsenal Football Club, the Freud Museum, and the HMV Forum, where you can go for live music in a former Art Deco film house. With kids, take a trip to the Belmont Children’s Farm, where you can see plenty of farm animals as well as a number of interesting bird species. Or what about taking them to the Gillespie Park Nature Reserve and Islington Ecology Centre? And there’s always Hampstead Heath where you can head up Parliament Hill to view the city below.

For a large home removal or a small office removal, you’ve really only got one choice: to call us to schedule your assessment and get your free, no-obligation quote all at the same time. Your other options might leave you with a removal company that creates more problems than it solves. Your quote include the cost of insurance, so you won’t need to worry about seeking this service separately. For storage, packing supplies, packing services and more, London Removals is the name to remember.

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Before you have a moving crew out to your house to start packing or loading, take some time to sort through your belongings and get rid of anything you no longer need or want. The general rule is if you haven’t worn it in a year, you won’t wear it again, but you can come up with your own clearing out plan. If your home is full of old baby gear, old clothing and furniture that won’t fit into the new place, do yourself a favour by donating it to a local charity or you could even sell some things online. For delivering a large load of things to the charity shop or dump, save yourself a number of repeat trips and hire our man and van service for an hour or two.

There are many other ways we can be helpful to you on the day of your move, but one way you can be helpful to your movers is to arrange a parking space with the local council ahead of time. Contact the transportation department to find out how to book a space for the day – just be sure it is large enough for the moving vehicle and includes a little room at the rear for unloading. For more fantastic hints, check out the rest of our website or give us a ring today!