Packing & Removals in London


Packing is an essential element for home removals

 Most of the time, due to the severe pressures that we already have balancing work and home, we are hard pressed to take on additional responsibilities.  If you have kids at home that responsibility is three times. Packing thus is a serious pressure on the most priceless commodity that we have and that is time.

When starting to pack your items for moving home, you need to do some planning as to how to approach the job, how much time to allot to the work each day and also select the items that are going to be pack and the ones you feel you should leave behind or dump. This is important as you have only a limited time in your hands and your moving day is almost at hand. Ensure that you do not overburden yourself when packing. Schedule about one to two hours each day into your packing requirements.

Removal Boxes

  Deciding what to pack and what to leave is important. This can not only save you from the hassles of packing unnecessary things that will occupy precious space but also save you time, energy and money. There are several small items that are used in the household that don’t deserve to be hauled across to the new home. Leave them aside or dump them in the trash. You will save considerable time in not having to worry about them.

  If you have your partner or other members of the family to help you, then designate each one a particular task. Like, one of you can select the items that are to be packed; another of you can pack the removal boxes, while the other secures the removal boxes using packing tape. This will help you to co-ordinate the job and also limit the stress in doing everything on your own. For packing heavier items, of course you will need more than one person at a time to ensure that they are packed properly.

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Timing is important

   Say if you are trying to move on the 31st, start your packing at least seven days in advance and spend little amounts of time every day so that your packing is done properly and on time. Ensure that the items you are not going to carry are stowed away separately in removal boxes or outright sent to the trash. The remaining items are sorted in terms of their requirement, for example you can keep all your kitchen items in boxes separately marked as kitchen and then 1, 2, 3 and so on. All items which belong to the master bed room are packed in boxes marked as MB 1, MB 2 and so on. This way, it will be easier to find the items when you have arrived. You can even mark them with more specifics, like Kitchen 1 (Dinner sets) and so on. 

   Just as during packing when you will have packed the items one at a time depending upon when you last needed them; similarly when you are unpacking, you will not need everything together at the same time. It is going to take few days to unpack everything and resuming life the same way over again. So the marked boxes are a great way to save you from a frantic search for things when you have arrived. You can take you time and unpack one box at a time and know for sure what to expect when you have opened them.