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The Growing Popularity Of Man And Van Hire

If you’re moving house, but want to save some money where you can, then why not consider hiring the man and van service. The man with a van option will allow you the flexibility to carry out your relocation on your preferred moving date. It can also save you breaking the bank as you would to hire the full removal service of a moving company. By opting to choose man and a van hire you will pay for the van and driver by the hour, which will be far cheaper than the alternative of having the movers take care of everything! While it sounds terrific and an affordable option, you may at this juncture be questioning what exactly the man and van option offers you when moving house.

He’ll help you load the van

Depending on the size and scope of your belongings, you may wish to hire additional help, something a moving company will gladly supply. However you might first see if you can’t rope your family members or friends into helping you load up the moving van, save you having to put your hand in your pocket!Another great plus side to the man and van hire, is that the driver will come equipped with all the tools needed to safely load and unload your belongings on and off the van. For example he’ll have a small trolley on wheels, which is perfect for transporting heavy items like a fridge or dishwasher on the van.

You can even use it to transport two-three boxes in one go, saving you time and as a result… money!

The removal firm’s experts will also be ready to face any unforeseen obstacles to your moving process. For example, there may be roads closed or traffic congestion, delaying your relocation. However the movers should be able to address the problem and help to over come it in record time. They’ll no what measures and which steps to take.The greatest benefit of the man and a van service is that if offers movers the flexibility to carry out their move on their preferred date and in their own time. Unlike full removal sand storage services, you can hire a man and van service only days prior to needing the moving van and a driver. It also beats just hiring a removal van, because this means you don’t have to get behind the wheel yourself. Someone else will take on the task of relocating all your furniture and belongings to your new abode…. Wherever that might be.

The vans are another solid reason why the man with a van service is growing in demand.

People are stressed enough as it is during a relocation, so the last thing they want to be worrying about is the state of their belongings upon arrival at their new home. The modern and compact vans that come with this service promise efficient furniture removals and promise to reach any remote area. Unlike larger moving trucks, the removal vans are able to navigate narrow roads and can find parking much easier! To find the right man with van service for you, give some removals companies a call. Make sure they’re all local and close to your pick up point, as you don’t want to pay astronomical costs for unnecessary distances covered by the removals van, which will be added to your final bill! Another reason you might consider man and van service is for office removals.

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