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Five Tips For A More Bearable Move

Moving home can be fun as well as a great new start, but sometimes the idea of getting there can get you down. The process can be costly, inconvenient and hard work, you will probably end up dreading the whole thing, leaving it to the very last minute and then spending extra money on just getting it done quickly. Moving doesn’t have to be all that bad, however, it’s all about preparation and time. So get on top of your move with these handy hints that will make your progress a little bit easier so you can get to enjoy your new space.

1.    Leave yourself plenty of time. A move is not normally a very spontaneous occurrence so you don’t have any excuses to leave it till the last minute. Even if you are still on the hunt for a new place, there is nothing to stop you from beginning to organize your stuff. Start packing away the things you hardly use but want to keep; the things you want to throw away you can start selling or give to charity. There is no point moving things you probably aren’t going to use. Start researching removal companies; if you have furniture then you will probably need help, so begin looking around for the best price of a man and van with a good reputation.

2.    Call in for help. Friends and family are usually happy to offer help for a big move, especially on the promise of dinner after or a drink. It’s going to be a lot cheaper than hiring professional movers and you will probably have more fun with your friends and family. Let them know what date you plan to move on and even get them over beforehand to help with the packing a bit. Sometimes an outside perspective on things can be very useful.

3.    Pack right. Packing is a very important part of your move and you want to ensure things go smoothly at the other end as well. Make sure you label boxes so that you can get them all straight into the right rooms to be dealt with later. You don’t want to end up injuring yourself of someone else. Use large shopping bags and suitcases for bits and bobs. Shopping bags are great to throw in any forgotten or leftover items and can easily fit in a car or be carried.

4.    Start moving things over as soon as you can. If you have the keys to the new place then make sure you take an armful of stuff every time you visit. Bulky items like duvets and towels are great to get out of the way first. If you can load up a suitcase each time then you can dump the stuff and reuse the case. The less stuff you have for the big move the better.

5.    Create a moving checklist. Lists are not only a great way to get organized; it’s also incredibly rewarding when you tick things off. If you have all the things written down that you need to get done then you will be able to organize your time a little better. Make sure you start with things like looking into removals and finding the right one for you and then you can get down to packing up kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies and simple tasks you need to get done. Invest in a few boxes early and make a start; you will be amazed at how much it will benefit your relocation.

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